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LNJ’s Continuous Education Mission

Updated: Mar 5

Continuous Education is extremely important to LNJ. Our social, and thereby professional, landscape is changing so drastically and quickly. Keeping up with the evolving laws on the Federal, State and local levels can be downright daunting. We, however, LOVE IT. We are always striving to learn more and pass that education on to your business.

Stacy Cooper:

Education & Career Development:

  • Independent Agent / Benefits Professional appointed with Aflac

  • State of Alabama Accident, Health, Sickness & Life Insurance License

  • Independent Agent / Benefits Professional appointed with Aflac

  • SHRM-CP Certification: December 2021

  • Spent the next 12 years as a Customer Service Manager, Sales, Payroll Clerk, Payroll Manager, and her current titles of Payroll Specialist / HR Manager

  • Faulkner University: 2010 – Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Administration

Training, Seminars & Conferences:

  • Avoiding Wrongful Termination March 2023

  • Performance Reviews for Employees Series April 2023

  • Payroll Law: December 2022

  • Baldwin County SHRM Conference: August 2022

  • The Essentials of HR Law August 2022

  • 2 Day Comprehensive HR Management Training: May 2022

  • Employment Law: February 2020

  • Payroll Law: January 2022

  • Collections Law: January 2022

  • Compliant Records Management: January 2022

  • Ongoing: Alabama Dept of Revenue B.E.S.T. Webinar Series


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