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“Why do I need an Employee handbook?”

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

“Why do I need an Employee handbook?”

While handbooks are not legally required, they are becoming more and more common in the small business world. They are one of the best investments you can make for the sake of your business and your employees. A well written handbook serves as a guide for the employee and the employer, while communicating everything they need to know about how their working environment works.

“Why are Handbooks so important?

  • Clearly defines the expectations the employer expects from the employee, but also what the employee can expect from you, the employer.

  • Covers Dress Code, benefits, compensation procedures, meal breaks, disciplinary procedures

  • Lays out the employee rights regarding the Family Medical Leave Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, National Labor Rights Act, Pay to Serve Laws, and Maternity privacy guarantee.

  • Explains, and clarifies, the proper channels to go through in event of harassment or if the employee has a complaint. Covers the no retaliation policy as defined by the Dept of Labor. This also guides the management team on who handles what when it comes to your most valuable asset; your employees.

  • It takes balance to make sure the policies are written appropriately. When done properly, they can easily help you in most labor disputes. However, if they are written either too broadly, or too defined, can be very damaging.

“But I already have a handbook, so what’s the problem?”

If you have an existing handbook, there are several things to consider.

  • Is the tone of your handbook in line with the culture you want to achieve?

  • When is the last time it was updated? Is it still current for your environment?

  • Is it Compliant with the National Labor Rights Acts, USERRA, and the AL “Pay to Serve” laws?

  • Do you have a clear understanding of what it says, and does it achieve what you are trying to communicate?

“My payroll company has a handbook generator! Why does it need a review?”

  • Other than being free, the only real benefit is that you are definitely covered in the legal sense.

  • Little to zero customization

  • No explanation as to what everything means, or how to explain it

  • Very cold and unwelcoming

  • Typically includes excessive information that is not necessarily relevant to your business.

“I now see I need an expert to help me create or revamp my handbook!

So why should I choose LNJ?”

At LNJ, we will take the time to learn about you, your staff, and the tone you want to represent. We will sit down together, and discover what is important to you. You will then have the opportunity to review the first draft and have any questions answered. Upon completion, you will receive the number of handbooks you need at present, and some extra to cover future employees. At handoff, we will answer any questions, and provide guidance on implementing.

Another option is to have an LNJ Representative meet with members of management, or your whole team! We will explain each section, how it is relevant to them, and answer any questions.

Handbooks, when implemented properly, can be a great tool to define, or redefine your Mission and create excitement amongst your staff. When your staff is happy, your bottom line is happy!

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