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At LNJ Employer Services, our aim is to enhance the perception of workplace compliance from daunting and costly to confident and simple.

Our mission is to reinforce small businesses with confident workplace practices, while improving employee retention. Let us help you figure out the best plan for your business. 

Stacy Cooper is now an Alabama LICENSED Insurance Agent representing Aflac! 

Your employees now have a dedicated person to contact when it comes to their Supplemental Coverage AND Payroll questions! Premiums are payroll deducted, which means the management and worry of it all is off your shoulders!

Speaking of Employees... Have you received your WELL-DESERVED Employee Retention Tax Credit yet?? Stacy can help with that too! A quick 5-minute call will get you on track to get between $20,000 - $26,000 PER EMPLOYEE. Pick up that phone! 251-273-4754




Our dedicated Certified Human Resources Professional will help to answer questions regarding:

  • Best Practices

  • Compliance

  • Employee Issues

  • Any issues your business is facing right now for real time guidance, tips and tricks

As times are evolving, much more responsibility is being put on the employer to notify the employees of their rights, but it must be done strategically.

Here are some things to think about:

  • Do you provide Sexual Harassment Training?

  • Are your employees aware of their rights, who they should talk to, and where to turn if they have an issue?

  • Are your policies and procedures in line with the National Labor Rights Act?

  • Are your job descriptions and employee handbooks inclusive of the pertinent laws?

  • Furthermore, are they written in a way that protects you against labor disputes? Or are they too detailed and locking you into a corner?

Employer Services

Based on your company's specific needs, we create customized documents and forms such as: 

  • Interviewing Do's and Don'ts​

  • Incoming, Stay, & Exit Interviews

  • Job Descriptions

  • Work From Home Agreements

  • SO. MUCH. MORE. 

We'll work with you to identify your needs based on the

factors that count.

  • Custom created to reflect your company's values and perspective

  • Defines your company mission, culture, and values for current and future employees

  • Complete guidance THROUGH implementation process

  • Fully Compliant with all Federal, State and Local laws and regulations

Payroll Services
  • Customizable to suit YOUR needs

  • Full Compliance Guarantee

  • Includes paying all Payroll Taxes and filing of all mandated reports

  • Time tracking options available

  • New Hire Setup

    • Onboarding​

    • Direct Deposit (free pay cards available)

    • Benefits

    • New-hire Reporting

    • Payroll File Maintenance

    • Federal and State Payroll Tax Filings

    • Preparation of W-2's and W-3's

    • Preparation of 1099s

    • Worker's Compensation Audits

    • Unemployment Claims

    • Ensuring Compliance with all State and Federal Laws

  • Recording of financial transactions

  • Manage and input financial transactions

    • Accounts Payable​

    • ​Accounts Receivable​

    • Month-End Reports

  • Preparing Financial Records for Tax Filings

    • Sales Tax​

    • Year End Sales Tax Reconciliation

    • Business Personal Property Tax

  • Monthly Bank Reconciliations​

    • Setup of existing statements​

    • Expenses categorized in Chart of Accounts

  • Weekly or Monthly Accounting Summaries

  • Set-up and installation of QuickBooks​

  • QuickBooks training - Accounting and/or Payroll

  • QuickBooks Cleanup

Bookkeeping Services
Other Services Offered: (Project Based Rates)
download (1).png
  • Notary Public for Mobile County

  • Customized Handbooks

  • Supplemental Benefits

  • Customized forms created for your business

All major credit cards accepted



Stacy was raised in the world of small business, and has dedicated her life to continuing her education in the vast and ever changing world of Human Resources.


With a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Faulkner University, a SHRM-CP holder and a Pryor Plus Member, Stacy and her team have the resources, knowledge, experience, dedication and passion to help you make your business work for you.

She is also the Membership Chair for the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) for Alabama. Stacy also mentors young female entrepreneurs with the NAWBO NextGen Mentorship Program.

LNJ Employer Services is also Professional E&O & Cyber Liability Insurance certified. 

Learn more about our Services and who we are by visiting our Blog. 

What Our Customers Have To Say

Working with Stacy has been great. When I was informed that she would be my payroll specialist, I was expecting the same service that I had always received, submit hours, and get a report, that was it.  But Stacy is different. Stacy takes the time to help us work through various issues, and situations that have arisen over the last few years, and close various gaps I didn't realize I had. Stacy did a wonderful job creating a new job description/expectations form for my new hires, and will be working with me on a much-needed employee handbook. She is thorough, detailed, easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable. Stacy is very trustworthy, and our business could not ask for more.

- Kevin & Julie Devino, KNJ Motorsports

I have been a payroll client of Stacy's since January 2021. I run a business in VT and I will admit I was leary at first to sign up with a payroll company, as I've heard horror stories about them, and the crazy costs associated with it, but Stacy has shown me that there are still legitimately good and honest people to work with!!  It's been great!! Stacy is a superb communicator, she is extremely efficient and even when there is a glitch, she is quick to respond and fix it. I have been impressed with her accountability and follow through with challenges. She is truly a professional! I would highly recommend Stacy as a valuable resource and asset to assist you with your payroll needs.


- Cheri Bush, Owner Clean & Simple

I really enjoyed working with Stacy, the CEO of LNJ Employer Services, to create my business' first employee handbook. As a fairly new, small business I wasn't sure what type of information I needed to include in my employee handbook. She worked with me to identify my needs and the tone to represent my company, the type of employees I have now and will have in the future. She understands the importance of the information laid out in the handbook. As I tried to get rid of certain sections, I didn't believe were necessary, she explained to me why they are important and how they will help protect me and my business. I highly recommend working with Stacy at LNJ Employer Services. They are reasonable, professional, and prompt.

- Shana J, Oyster Shell Strategy 

Working with Stacy Cooper this past year has been an absolute pleasure. She is always friendly, courteous and easy to talk to. Being a small business owner, I occasionally find myself having quite peculiar problems that I need help solving. Stacy really takes the time to listen to my unique situation and comes up with solutions that work for each particular problem. Stacy always makes herself readily available to help, but more so she is always happy to help with whatever unique problem me and my small business may run into.  

- George C, GFC Properties

I am a small business owner with half a dozen  regular employees. When I was introduced to Stacy, my only expectation was connecting with her weekly for payroll. Not only was she highly efficient with processing our employee payroll, she always offers a kind word and encouragement. She has practiced patience with me as I navigated the ins and outs of employee business paperwork, such as new hires, updates on existing workers, compliance forms and general information that has been super helpful for me as a small business owner. She truly has gone above and beyond for our shop, reminding me when and what is needed for our continued business success in the area of employee needs. 

- Celeste Smith, Owner of Blossoms n' More


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